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We Deliver the Best and Most Reliable Background Checks
By establishing ourselves as trusted partner, we deliver reliable, complete, and current information, legal compliance with all applicable federal/state/local laws, unparalleled customer service, and the best overall value.
We help employers make intelligent hiring decisions through a variety of background screening services including the industry's most thorough and accurate criminal background checks, driver records, Credit Reports and more.
Our researchers are held to the highest standards for accuracy and depth of information provided. Our staff is trained to follow our proprietary investigative techniques which provide the results you need, when you need them. Apex Screening sets itself apart from competitors with our multi-tiered vetting and continuous auditing program.
We Employ the Highest Standards for Criminal Record Oversight
Simplicity and Flexibility
We provide you with the services and solutions you require, customized to your needs. Since 2002 we have served thousands of clients with a 99.9% retention ratio.
No Shortcuts
We have developed the industry’s best in class background screening process by never taking any shortcut.
Comprehensive Search
We provide comprehensive searches with the utmost oversight at each stage allowing you to make hiring decisions with confidence.
Risk Management
Helping you mitigate risk through strict legal compliance and creating a safe working environment for your employees and customers.
We Perform a Thorough Review of Derogatory Information
Our Quality Department reviews each criminal record before it is reported to the client. All Felony and Misdemeanor records are subject to our strict quality control process. We have developed a rigorous auditing process which reinforces our commitment to accuracy and depth.
For Your Protection - FCRA Compliance
From a candidates rights under FCRA, Signed Consent and Pre-Adverse/ Adverse Action letters, we provide total care for FCRA compliance.
Great Prices and Quick Turnaround translate into more profits for you