Questions and Answers



Truth:  All the answers without any contradiction


On the following pages you will find long awaited answers to the following urgent questions. Some of these questions have never even been asked since the answer seemed so hopeless.


[Q1] Why are we here?

[Q2] What is the purpose of our life?

[Q3] a) Who is God? b) How great is God? c) Were we created or did we evolve?

[Q4] Why do we need to pray? Does God need our prayers?

[Q5] a) Why is the universe so big, b) so crowded with heavenly bodies and c) yet so lifeless?

[Q6] What is death like?

[Q7] Where are we going? Is there life after death?

[Q8] a) What is heaven like? and b) What is hell like?

[Q9] Why are humans the only species with free will and rational thinking?

[Q10] Who is Satan?

[Q11] Why does God not destroy Satan?

[Q12] Who is responsible for pain and misery? Why did God allow evil?

[Q13] Why is there misery, chaos, famine and sickness?

[Q14] Is there a soul?

[Q15] Who were Adam and Eve?

[Q16] Who are spirit creatures? Are there evil spirits?

[Q17] Why did God send scriptures and messengers?

[Q18] Why can we not see God?

[Q19] What is the role of the animals, the trees etc.?

[Q20] Why some prayers go unanswered?

[Q21] What is the age of responsibility?

[Q22] a) What are angels?  b) Why can we not see them?

[Q23] Where do negative thoughts come from?

[Q24] What is the secret of perfect happiness?

[Q25] Who were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha etc.?

[Q26] When will this world end?

[Q27] Which religion is the right religion?

[Q28] Why did God wait all this time?

           .. and many more.