Secret of perfect happiness






At the outset, let us be clear of one thing - it is not possible for any human or organization no matter how powerful to give us a guarantee of perfect happiness, of perfect health, wealth and peace of mind.  Therefore we have to seek out the entity that is capable of this, and see what the requirements are.  Then we have to make a plan to meet those requirements.

One of the most elusive objectives of every human being is Happiness.  There is a secret of attaining perfect happiness in this life and forever because Happiness is an exclusive quality of the soul.  Thus a body that attains all the material successes it longs for - money, power, fame, etc. Often belongs to an unhappy person.  Happiness depends totally on the degree of growth and development attained by the soul, the real person.

Before we came to the planet Earth, we were in God's Kingdom in Heaven.  Because we did not uphold God's absolute authority and decided to take the test to see if Satan could  be a god, we entered satan's kingdom which is characterized by misery, cause, disaster and disease. There is a clear distinction between God's kingdom and satan's kingdom.  Those who pass the admission test by proving that they are devoted totally to God alone under all circumstances without committing idol worship of any kind, enter God's kingdom of perfect happiness.  However, after admission, while we are purifying ourselves, we step out of God's kingdom and satan, who is the inflictor of all misery, is allowed to hurt us and cause us pain and suffering.  This 'pinch' is allowed by God as a mercy, so we can reflect, repent and re-enter God's kingdom. Each pinch is supposed to make us stronger and more determined to obey God's absolute authority.


Happiness is a quality of the soul, not the body