Awesome News

For the first time in history we have solid physical and scientific proof for the existence of a Creator, answers to our most pressing questions and solutions to our most urgent problems delivered by an authorized and authenticated source.


Questions you never dared to ask

All important questions since the beginning of time, why are we here, what is the purpose of our lives, is there a Creator, why is the universe so big, why we are the only beings with free will, is there a heaven and hell ......... MORE


The Great Feud

The most significant event that took place in the history of the human race that resulted in the classification of God's creatures and our falling from grace and being put on this earth to make that all important decision ......... MORE


The Spirit of Truth

Jews, Christians and Muslims have all been waiting for a savior, be it the Messiah, Jesus or the Mahdi who will return to this world and save mankind in the final days.  Here is how we know who the Spirit of Truth is and if he has already arrived .. MORE


Witness a Miracle

Witness a real, live miracle that is physical, touchable, examinable, incontrovertible and utterly irrefutable and provides the first scientific proof for the existence of a Creator .. MORE


Does God Really Exist

A practical look at what a definite answer to this question would have on the power structures of the world and the psychological and motivational aspects it would have on our lives .. MORE


The Secret of Perfect Happiness

A detailed and truthful answer to the most desired state of perfect happiness that has eluded us for centuries and stumped most philosophers and religious leaders - and how to achieve it .. MORE


Signature of The Creator

An embedded and mathematically encode signature sent to us by our Creator, contained in the message composed beyond human ability and delivered by the authorized and authenticated source .. MORE


End of the World

Not another baseless prediction. We are not in the prediction business. This is a proven date based on a scientific calculation supported by authorization. You have to read the reasons to believe it .. MORE